Support child’s learning & well-being

We believe children should receive early education that supports their personalities, talents and interests to shine.


Create inspiring learning journeys


I use TinyApp planning template to make two-level plans. I like that the plan template forces me to think and thoughtfully choose the areas of learning to work on. TinyApp graphics also make planning easier: it highlights the areas of expertise you, together with the child, need to pay closer attention to. 

Katja Penttinen
Kindergarten Teacher

Child’s Individual Education and Wellbeing Plan

Plan how early education supports each child’s learning and wellbeing

Each child has their plan, which takes into account the child’s strengths, skills, and interests. The plan is done in cooperation with parents.

Co-operation between school and families

Share information about activities and child’s learning between school and home

Describe all the important learning moments from both home and school. Build together the child’s learning journey.

In my opinion, the best thing about using TinyApp is that we can help parents get closer to their child’s education experience. Learning also happens outside the classroom, and TinyApp’s messaging tools let families take part in what we do.

Jenni Kosonen
Kindergarten Teacher

Since we started using TinyApp, our staff has deepened its expertise in transversal competences and learning areas. We all deeply each day about what we plan to do, and how it will benefit our children.

Arja-Tuulikki Toikka
Kindergarten Teacher

Group Learning Goals

Plan and align activities with the future skills or your local curriculum

Recognize child’s individual needs and take the group activities to the next level with the TinyApp planning template.

Reports and analytics

Gain data-driven understanding

Understand the potential each child holds and how their needs are being met. This is how you implement and support exceptional learning journeys in your organization.

As a result of documenting all aspects of competences and learning areas we now look at early childhood education from a comprehensive perspective.

Outi Silander
Kindergarten Director

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