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We give the tools to run a successful and pedagogically sound service

with our fully GDPR compliant solution whether you are just starting or you already have an established Early Childhood Education (ECE) operation.

Simple pricing for small, medium, and large organisations

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49€ /mo


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109€ /mo


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219€ /mo



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When your daycare has more than 100 children, several locations or teams,

we provide you with personalized staff onboarding and training. Book your free 30mins consultation with our ECE advisor.

When your daycare has less than 100 children and operates in one location or in one team,

the easiest way to kick-off with TinyApp is to use our ready-to-go online solutions. You get full features and functions of TinyApp with any size of operation, all tutorials and onboarding guides to support you and your staff on-demand. Just pick the solution with the right size, and you are ready to start! To make it easy for you to get to know TinyApp, we are happy to offer you 14 days free trial in all levels. And if you are interested in additional training and learnings on early child education, take a look at our Trainings here.



TinyApp benefits any size ECE providers (daycares, kindergartens, nurseries, home carers). 

With TinyApp you and your staff will get new modern tools and access to additional on-the-job training opportunities.

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Teachers gain professional insights

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Families get connected

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Children get top quality education and care

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Kindergarten managers and owners always up-to-date

1. Setting up

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3 easy steps

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2. Get teachers started

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3. Bring parents onboard

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As a result of documenting all aspects of competencies and learning areas we now look at early childhood education from a comprehensive perspective.

Outi Silander
Kindergarten Director

Online training courses

TinyApp offers in cooperation with Laurea University in Applied Sciences Finland a series of training packages focusing on key elements of early childhood education and care.

Learn more about the topics offered below. If you don’t find what you are looking for or need a tailored training program, be in touch at hello@tinyapp.biz!

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The Basics of Nordic ECEC (early childhood education and care)

Are you curious about the world-famous Finnish education? Do you want to know which cornerstones the education system and especially early childhood education is built?


The webinar discusses the Finnish early childhood education and care curriculum and puts it into practice: what is child involving education and playful learning? How can we produce transversal competency as our curriculum promises?

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The Pedagogical Documentation

Pedagogical documentation is a tool for understanding what is going on in pedagogical practice. The purpose of documentation is to make pedagogical practices visible and, in so doing, open for reflection. Pedagogical documentation is closely connected with the child-oriented and evolving working culture in ECEC.


The webinar will answer the questions WHAT, WHY, and HOW to include pedagogical documentation in the already hectic day care practice.

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The 21st Century Skills in ECEC

The world is changing fast. What are the things we can teach to the children today, that they can benefit from in the unknown future? How can we equip our children with tools for their own wellbeing, learning and success? The World Economic Forum (2016) has composed a list of 21st-century skills that are widely implemented in education and curriculums. This webinar deals with these skills and their implementation in Nordic early childhood education.


The webinar opens up a wide range of possibilities we have when we decide to choose the future instead of the past.

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The Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)
The assessment and development of high-quality ECE operation

Nobel Laureate Professor James Heckman highlights that early childhood education is worth investing in more than any other later phase of education. High-quality ECEC produces the best benefits in the future both from the humane and economic point of view.


This webinar is for all ECEC investors, experts, directors, and teachers who want to know how high-quality ECEC is produced, evaluated, and developed to reach those crucial benefits




How do I subscribe to TinyApp?

You can easily subscribe to the most suitable TinyApp plan on our website and get started right away. Check our plans HERE.


What do I need for setting up and using TinyApp in our kindergarten?

You only need an internet connection, a laptop, and a mobile device (iOS 10 or later, Android 7 or later) to get going with TinyApp.


What is included in the TinyApp plan?

We offer full features and functionalities of TinyApp to all our clients, whichever plan you choose. See our plans HERE.


How much does TinyApp cost?

49€/month for kindergartens up to 20 children, 109€/month for up to 50 children and 219€/month for up to 100 children.


Please check our plans and pricing here. If you can't find a suitable plan for your needs, ask for a tailored plan hello@tinyapp.biz.


To who is TinyApp for?

TinyApp is created for kindergarten's directors, owners, teachers, and other personnel. TinyApp is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, and Vietnamese.


What if I need help getting started?

You can find our quick guides to get started here, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have support@tinyapp.biz.


Can I try TinyApp before buying?

Yes! You can explore TinyApp for free for the first 14 days.


"I think the best thing

about using TinyApp is that we are able to bring parents closer to their child's learning experiences in kindergarten."


kindergarten teacher

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"The TinyApp report graphics

make planning easier, as you immediately notice e.g. what are the learning areas that haven't been brought out yet, and therefore should be emphasized more."


kindergarten teacher

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"You are so much more happy

about sharing photos and stories of the children and their activities to parents at home, when you know the service is safe and secure."


kindergarten teacher

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