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In addition to your operational infrastructure, what is more important than offering quality education to your clients; your families and children. ​

With TinyApp you and your staff will get new modern tools and access to additional on-the-job training opportunities. ​


Raise the bar and deliver pedagogical top quality everyday easily and effectively. ​


Order online and set up with 3 easy steps with the help of our in-app onboarding


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Operating in one location


Up to



Operating in one location


Up to



Operating in one location

59 €

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per month

209 €

per month

More than one location?

Over 100 children?

Operate with several teams?


TinyApp grows with you.


Customized set-up as a service


Set-up of a selected competence framework (your local competence framework or 21st century skills or transversal skills from Finland)


Series of pedagogical training sessions to deepen your staff's knowledge base and improve on selected areas (e.g. pedagogical documentation, parent engagement, 21st century skills)

Customised service offering for organisations of any size and shape 


Jenni Kosonen,

varhaiskasvatuksen opettaja

Suunnittelun työkalu on mielestäni tosi hyvä. Olen oikein opetellut käyttämään sitä tämän toimintakauden aikana. Käytän suunnittelutyökalua aina viikkosuunnitelmien tekoon ja aina silloin, kun jokin vähän isompi projekti tai teema alkamassa. TinyApp-palvelu kokoaa ryhmän yhteen. On tosi hyvä, että palvelusta näkee grafiikat, että mitä koko ryhmän kanssa on tehty. 


Outi Silander,


Meillä on mahdollisuus pedagogisen työn arviointiin, kun TinyApp näyttää meille, mitä me olemme tehneet. Tässä on hienoa se, että saamme kuvat, videot, tekstit ja tiedotteet varhaiskasvatuksen ja esiopetuksen päivästä huoltajille. Nyt kaikilla huoltajilla on tasapuolinen mahdollisuus nähdä lapsen varhaiskasvatusta. Varhaiskasvatuksen ja meidän henkilöstön työn arvostus on noussut, kun vanhemmat näkevät, millaisessa toiminnassa heidän lapsensa on ollut mukana. Ennen kaikkea arvostus tulee esille huoltajien puolesta. 

Trusted by many. Big and small.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start to use TinyApp?

As a teacher, please contact us by sending an email to hello@tinyapp.biz
As a parent, please wait for an email invitation from your child’s teacher.

With which mobile operating systems or browsers can I use TinyApp?

iOS: TinyApp is compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 10 or later versions. Earlier version of iOS is capable of installing TinyApp, but it is not recommended, since certain features will be missing.
Android: TinyApp is compatible with Android 6 (Marshmallow) and Android 7 (Nougat) and later versions. Earlier version of Android is capable of installing TinyApp, but it is not recommended, since certain features will be missing.
Please note that we do not support Windows Phones.
Teacher’s Dashboard: Please use Chrome or Safari browsers.

I forgot my username or password.

Your username is your email address. You can change your username and phone number in "My Account". You can reset your password by opening TinyApp and navigating to “Forgot my password”. You will receive an email to your address with instructions to reset your password.

How to get more information?

Please find here all the frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer here, please check the user manual you have received.
If you did not find an answer, please send us your question by email to support@tinyapp.biz
We love to receive your feedback and ideas to make TinyApp better.

How do I get notified about new messages?

You will get a notification of new messages by allowing TinyApp notifications in your phone or tablet settings.

Who can access my TinyApp account information?

Every user has a personal TinyApp username and password for the TinyApp account. The account can only be accessed with this data. Be sure to take care of your password. Whenever needed all users must reset their own password using the ’Forgot Password’ function.
Teachers will be able to view each child’s information and messages between teachers and parents.
Parents may only view messages pertaining to their own children, and are the only ones able to edit their child’s profile.

Which languages TinyApp supports?

You can use TinyApp in Finnish, Swedish or English. Every user can choose a language in Settings.

How can I send feedback or questions?

We love to receive feedback, your ideas, wishes and questions. You can be in contact with us via the app or directly to our email support@tinyapp.biz In your email, please include:

  • Your nursery name
  • Description of the issue
  • Your device model
  • Your operating system
If possible, also attach a screenshot of the issue. Thank you for contacting us.