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Transform your kindergarten
the new digital era with best pedagogical tool from Finland

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Re-opening kindergartens after Covid-19 is about to happen all around the world. Many early childhood education professionals are struggling to overcome the challenges caused by the long remote-learning periods and social distancing.


On the bright side, Covid-19 has changed the way children learn and teachers teach. It has proven that teachers, parents and children are ready to take on the digitalisation of education. 

Join the TinyApp community from Finland and work together to build
a modern, high-quality, rewarding early childhood education!


Kindergartens from Finland, South America and Asia
have already gotten onboard with us. 


Developed in Finland, TinyApp is designed to help kindergartens to build a 21st-century-competency-skilled, digitally-smart, functional learning environment in
the post-covid times.


Wow, we are so excited to announce this new FREE trial program.

TinyApp is now offering your kindergarten a free trial for four months, starting from July. Get ready if you are looking to:

Save time and money for the kindergarten

Make daily
pedagogical work
as easy as ABC

Communicate with parents in a SECURE digital platform efficiently

Make data-driven
real-time portfolios
for children

Check out and apply for the free digital
program + training now!
Limited time offer only! 


Our TinyApp - solution & training program is designed to support the digital development of kindergartens and raise the pedagogical excellence among educators. 

What you will get:


  1. A unique digital solution TinyApp to run your daily pedagogical work at the kindergarten for 11.7. - 31.10.2022

  2. TinyApp user-licenses for all your educators for free 

  3. TinyApp onboarding + 24/7 helpdesk service

  4. TinyApp pedagogical training & webinars during the program

  5. Monthly TinyApp Community online-meeting

  6. Whatsapp-channel for peer discussion

  7. Certification of TinyApp user-training

The program schedule 11.7. - 31.10.2022:

July 2022
Kick-off meeting with the participants
TinyApp onboarding training
August 2022
Pedagogical features and functions in daily work
September 2022
Meeting for the managers:
How to benefit from data driven pedagogy and improve pedagogical processes at your kindergarten
October 2022
Meeting for the educators:
Pedagogical documentation as a tool in early childhood education and how to create positive parental engagement
November 2022
Feedback & TinyApp certification

Yes, I am interested in developing the digital and pedagogical competencies at my kindergarten! 

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