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Are you looking for new ways
to solve daily
in your work in early childhood education?

We can help you!

Did you know all the ways pedagogical documentation can help you

in your work?

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Pedagogical documentation helps you in 

  1. supporting children’s learning,

  2. developing pedagogy in the kindergarten, 

  3. making learning more inspiring

And let’s not forget about increasing your and your team’s professional skills in early childhood pedagogy.

Let’s take a look how all this happens with a little help from TinyApp!

Pedagogical documentation made simple by TinyApp.

Pedagogical documentation is the key to future planning!

Why documentation is important in early learning? 


  1. The documents show and make learning visible to all.

  2. They support and guide future planning.

  3. The documents will increase transparency with families and increase parental engagement.

Talk to us

Watch the video to learn how Dr. Kati Rintakorpi from Finland explains the fundamentals of pedagogical documentation. 

Dr Kati Rintakorpi  defines pedagogical documentation to describe the process where various activities are documented in some way, and these documents are reflected, reviewed, and discussed to develop early childhood education or culture. Documentation as such has a long tradition in early childhood education, but what is essential is that these documents are taken from folders, cameras, and tablets and discussed. What these documents mean for children's learning, well-being, and participation. Documentation can be considered pedagogical when there is a discussion, and documents are reflected with the children as well as the parents.

And the best part, pedagogical documentation brings out the joy of early learning!

Do you want to start with pedagogical documentation,

but don’t know how?

Find tips from this practical checklist!

1. WHY

  • Make learning visible!

  • Enhance children's learning

  • Encourage parents’ participation

  • Get support for planning and assessment


  • Children’s daily life in kindergarten

  • Learning

  • Different parts in projects

  • Events in kindergarten

  • Children’s wishes, favourite plays, stories and friends

3. HOW

  • Record children’s stories, voice and songs

  • Interview children

  • Take photos and videos


  • Tablet

  • Camera

  • Mobile phone

  • Paper and pen

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And if you want to make pedagogical documentation easy and simple, get to know TinyApp.

TinyApp is your digital guide in pedagogical practices and documentation.


What do I get with TinyApp?

The best tool to carry out pedagogical activities

A systematic approach to help you implement quality education every day

Improve your professional skills on-the-job and learn best practices in the field

Save time and focus on the key thing: offer best pedagogy for the children 

If you only had one tool or method in early learning, make it pedagogical documentation.

It has all it takes to deliver best pedagogy for all the children.

How to start

Want to know more? 

Contact us and we are happy to help you.

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