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A letter to Santa from TinyApp

This is the time, when you notice that there are only the last few days left of the year 2020. Indeed, this year will leave its mark in history as one of the most peculiar. The effects of the global pandemic, the dramatic events and unexpected opportunities, remain to be fully understood only in the future.

If I think about the highlights of my working life in early childhood education technology and sales, I can’t help but pointing out the great joy and pleasure when meeting the real future makers, the joyous and remarkable young children.

Last week I had an interesting meeting with a 4-year old girl. She approached me with a worried look on her tiny face. She had the most important question for me: ”What did you wish from Santa Claus in your letter?” And when she noticed my baffled look, she continued: “You must have written to Santa Claus, haven’t you?”

I gave her my promise to do so, and here it is.


Dear Santa,

It’s been a while since my last letter to you, but this year I got quite a specific reminder from a tiny little 4-year old fan of yours. She made it clear, I should use

this opportunity and write to you my most special Xman wishes. So here I go, and hope you find it well.

1. I wish that all children around the world will have access to the best possible early childhood education. The kind that allows each child to experience the joy of learning and steps of success. The kind that makes it possible for every child to grow and develop on their own pace. The kind that brings smile to each child’s face and heart.

2. I also wish all guardians well. May they find strength, enthusiasm, and keen interest to follow up their children’s daily learning experiences. Words of encouragement from guardians as well as from educators make a long way to inspire children on their personal journeys. And to all, I wish enjoyable moments of cooperation!

3. For the professional educators, I wish an extra amount of courage and inspiration to deep dive into the world of new ways of working and new tools, also the digital ones, to work with. I wish there is an open mind to explore, experiment and find those best solutions. I wish this would lead to added wellbeing among adults so that the good spirit can be delivered to those we work with and especially the little ones we take care of.

Finally, I hope the Xmas ride with Peter won’t be too bumpy this year, and Santa can safely reach all those children who wait for you to spread the magic of Xmas to all!

With love,

Pia Solatie, the sales lead on behalf of TinyApp Team

p.s. Furthermore, we at TinyApp will put our best efforts in helping out everyone in early childhood education; children, professionals and guardians! In 2021 we will focus on bringing TinyApp to new countries around the world. I promise, to write about them to you next time!

p.p.s. How lucky we are to be able to contribute to the early steps of children’s journey in education! This thought brings a smile on my face every day, Xmas included!

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