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Best practices to support parenting and parents’ engagement. Case kindergarten Lilliputti.

Anna visited in kindergarten Lilliputti in Oulu and discussed with the owners Ms. Tiina ja Ms. Satu how they support parents and create a personal relationship with each family. Below you find the practices from kindergarten Lilliputti.

  1. We organize a “Get to know the child and family”-chat with parents whenever a new child starts in kindergarten. Talking is a great way to meet and get to know the family.

  2. Alongside the annual plan, we have a "family plan", where we have planned a separate family event for each month. In the plan, we take into account the seasons and the wishes of the families. Each of our monthly plans has an activity where parents can participate. Nowadays, we also share a monthly plan with parents. At the same time, we have also asked feedback on our activities.

  3. Almost every month, we have an activity afternoon to which parents can join when they pick up the child.

  4. Every fall, we ask for ideas for activities from the parents. On the wall of the kindergarten, we have a wish tree, where parents can post thoughts as leaves of the tree.

  5. We organize various expert evenings with other private daycare centers.

  6. With preschool children's parents, we have discussion sessions at least three times during the semester.

  7. We meet parents at least 2-3 times during the semester to discuss the child's individual education plan.

  8. We organize parent evenings. For the evening, we collect in advance information about everyday issues that parents want to discuss. The topics are also visible on the wall of the nursery, so everyone gets to read them.

  9. We regularly remind parents that we are open to discussion. Sometimes parents might call in the evenings and talk openly about family situations.

  10. We provide opportunities for phone times and parents' discussions.

We hope you get new ideas on how to co-operate with parents from these hints and tips. It would be great to hear about your best practices!

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