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Development of a child's self-esteem

We are glad to bring you Marja Kaijala, CEO of Sisu Academy - a Finnish coaching company that specialises in improving teamwork and developing work community skills of ECE professionals. In her webinar (available in Finnish on our YouTube) Marja talks about issues related to development of child's self-esteem and learning. She shares how small and simple things you do can support your child’s self-esteem and help to develop with a positive attitude toward him/herself.

In this short outline we asked Marja to summarise key points of her webinar.

Development of a child's self-esteem

Do you know what happens while you sit down reading a book with your child? Or when on a shopping trip you stop to look at an anthill bustling on the side of the road? Or when you talk to him/her about what happened during the day? Or when they sit playing on the floor by themselves?

It seems like not much, but in reality, it is huge! It is in these ordinary everyday moments that the children learn the most essential things for their life from themselves and the world around them. They learn to be a unique part of this world. In parenting - as well as in early childhood education - the main task is to support the development of the child's self-image and self-esteem into a healthy and positive one, as self-esteem has a significant impact on a person's life. The child has the right to be seen, heard, encountered and valued as his or her own unique self. “Encounter, respect, listen, encourage, thank” is an important checklist for parents and educators. The list also serves as a good guideline in working life! No magic wand or tricks are needed to support a child's self-esteem: gentle care, being respectful of the child, treating them with compassion and care is often enough.

Marja Kaijala

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