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From Little Heroes to Great Insights - How TinyApp Supports Learning at Little Heroes Kindergarten!

The world of little heroes is full of wonderful moments, and we, the TinyApp team, are proud to be a part of them! We introduce you to Little Heroes Kindergarten in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, where around 30 children experience the joy of learning in a multilingual and diverse environment.

In Little Heroes Kindergarten, learning and development go hand in hand. The kindergarten focuses on five themes: animals and nature, science, music, performing arts, and physical activity. This ensures that every little hero can develop their skills and interests. And best of all, TinyApp is there every step of the way!

The kindergarten has been using the TinyApp for communication and operational planning for several years. The kindergarten director, Annika Hätönen, has found a reliable partner in the TinyApp: “This way, we can be sure that the important message has been received.” TinyApp allows the documentation of children's activities as pedagogical documents, capturing valuable moments and insights in digital form.

Our application receives praise from its users: Aki emphasizes the simplicity of the application and Annika gives a rating of an impressive 4.5/5! We, the TinyApp team, are delighted to support the daily life of Little Heroes and make the operation of the kindergarten even smoother.

So join us on our journey! Let's create an inspiring learning environment for children together and ensure that important moments are captured!

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