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How to do the child's individual education plan with the TinyApp tool?

How does the child's individual education plan work with TinyApp? How does it work on the mobile? Two early childhood education teachers share their practices.

Arja-Tuulikki Toikka, early childhood education teacher in Hamina.

I have written the education plans to all the children of my group with the TinyApp tool. I use the default IEP template, which is in the service. What's good about it is that when I see that a child needs support on specific issues, I can group things straight into the learning areas and transversal competences.

I've opened the plan on mobile for the parents. Everything is visible and open for comments. I have emphasized to parents that their child's plan is always there if they wish to view it and review what has been discussed.

At first, I think about the child and write my observations in advance to the TinyApp tool. It's kind of my preparation for the IEP conversation. Then, in the meeting, we go with the parents together through what I've recorded and will discuss in which areas we will support the child.

After the meeting with parents, I have added some information from the conversation to the IEP. I leave the plan open because I will also update it during the year. Some parents have also made comments about their child's development during the year via their mobile device. For example, when a child has learned to say the "r" sound. After the meeting, I also print the plan.

Jenni Kosonen, early childhood education teacher in Parikkala

We discuss things with the colleagues in the team before IEP discussions with parents. The teacher discusses with parents and records the discussion. Before discussing with parents, we also talk with the child about his interests, strengths, etc.

We have created our municipality's own IEP form for TinyApp. Before discussing with parents, I've written some notes to the plan. I also open the plan for parents to review and comment on the mobile. By the way, it is perfect that the app notifies when the child's IEP has been opened or updated.

I find it useful that parents can read the IEP texts beforehand that they prepare for the meeting. If something else comes up in the discussion, I'll add it to the IEP.

After our discussion, I have given parents a few days to add their comments. Some parents just note that everything is ok and some don't write anything. I think it's an excellent way to express the voice of parents on TinyApp. The comments of the parents are stored, and then I save and lock the plan.

We go through the child's individual education plan with parents once per year. If necessary, then more often. We update the existing plans. If there are any changes to the objectives, I will make updates during the year.

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