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Leap of innovations in early childhood education - Digital journey in Mäntsälä Municipality in Finland!

Last fall, we started a digital training program in Mäntsälä, which took kindergarten managers and educators deep into the possibilities of technology and digitalization in early childhood education. Our goal was to investigate how we can utilize digital tools in the day-to-day life of kindergartens and at the same time promote children's media literacy.

The first workshop focused on kindergarten managers' perspectives, emphasizing their role as promoters and enablers of reforms. The path of innovation continued with a workshop with the educators of Myllytonttu and Koskenranta Amanda kindergartens, where we discussed the promotion of media literacy and multi-literacy in early childhood education.

We started with the versatile use of photos and tablets in the group's everyday life. The photography project opened our eyes to how photos can act as a tool for learning and interaction. The enthusiasm of the educators to grasp new technology and create their own short films and animations brought enthusiasm and new insights to the workshops.

The second part of the workshops, which took place during February and March this year, brought in more kindergartens around Mäntsälä. Creativity flourished as educators built appropriate photo albums and digital stories for their groups, turning everyday situations into inspiring moments. Technology also brought with it community and joy, creating a new and exciting channel for interaction between educators and children.

This digital journey in Mäntsälä proves how technology can enrich early childhood education and bring new opportunities for learning and working together. The dedication, positive attitude, and creativity of the kindergarten teachers in Mäntsälä have been inspiring. Our journey in utilizing technology in early childhood education is only at the beginning, but it is already clear that it offers endless opportunities for moments of growth, learning, and joy for both adults and children.

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