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Stay close together with new TinyApp Messenger

TinyApp is updated! New TinyApp Messenger helps you, dear parents and teachers, stay close and keep your efforts in sync. Read on to find out what you can do with TinyApp Messenger already today!

Parents, you can now read & reply to the daily news from your child's teachers and share back your child's learning experiences at home. You can also chat with teachers safely through the app and let them know if your child gets sick or has a day off.

Teachers, you now can bring parents closer to the daily life of your school or kindergarten by sharing daily activities, learning goals & highlights. You can also send them reminders and have quick conversations in chat.

We have split the new TinyApp Messenger into three parts: News and Highlights, Chat, and Notifications, to make it easier for you to communicate and keep track of issues that are important for your children. Let's check all these in more detail below.

News and Highlights

With News & Highlights, you both can easily share a child's learning experiences either at kindergarten or at home. As a parent, you can follow your child's learning through teachers' posts about the activities they have done, what they have learned, and experienced at the kindergarten. All important announcements and kindergarten news are in News & Highlights section too. You both can include multimedia attachments like photos, videos, and audio recordings to the News & Highlights messages. Also, teachers can mark any post with our special competence symbols to show which competences the children have been learning. Note that we keep all conversations private so that you can talk openly.


With our brand-new chat function, you can exchange instant messages and save time and effort checking emails. One chat window is shared between child's guardians and teachers so that you all who have access to the child's TinyApp account, can be up-to-date and in close reach with each other.


Parents, if your child can't come to kindergarten, send an automatic absence notification to the teacher with just one button. Once received, the teacher will confirm receiving it. This way the kindergarten can have accurate statistics on attendances, and teachers can easily remember with whom they shall follow-up. Also, if you have access to your child's individual education plan inside the app, the teacher will receive a notification every time you comment on it.

Are your children still staying at home?

We know it isn't easy to work when schools & kindergartens are completely or half-empty, so we made it possible with TinyApp Messenger for both teachers and parents to exchange photo-/video- and voice messages.

Teachers, here is a list of ideas for you to get the children busy while they are at home:

  • Would you like to share a new book with kids? Record audio of yourself reading it and share it in TinyApp so that children can listen at home.

  • Take pictures of different objects (trees or home plants, fruits or vegetables, etc.) and write notes/questions about them. See if the children can find similar items themselves and send you their pictures back.

  • Record a video of yourself making an origami figure or any other DIY item. Send the video to your group.

Parents, here is how you can capture your child's learning experiences at home and keep the teacher up to date:

  • Take a video of the child doing an activity or completing a task

  • Send a photo of what the child made/found/was impressed by.

  • Help the child to tell a story. Record audio.

  • Did the child say something funny? Write a quote from the child.

  • Take a group picture of kids playing a game.

You can find perfect examples of fun activities recorded on video on the YouTube channels of our client Albatross Daycare.

We are also working on the quick how-to videos to showcase what can you do with TinyApp. In the meantime, if anything seems unclear, please check our new Help Centre, write to us on social media or email

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