TinyApp, a Finnish education technology company has closed its first deal in Indonesia

Press release 9th of May 2019

TinyApp, a Finnish education technology company has closed its first deal in Indonesia. Cooperation is started with Kidventure Academy, who will launch their new hybrid kindergarten model in Jakarta in early July. The new kindergarten curriculum, including fully integrated TinyApp for the Asian market, has been created in cooperation with well-known Finnish early education expert Dr. Kati Rintakorpi.

Kidventure Academy is run by ACE ED Venture Group, which operates a network of schools with a fresh approach to education. Jakarta will be the first location for this long term cooperation. Both parties will work together to develop further the new kindergarten model that combines the Finnish early education and pedagogy expertise and the local knowledge and understanding of the specific needs of the Asian market.

TinyApp's CEO, Taina Mikkola sees great opportunities in this co-operation: "Finnish education is highly valued in Asia. This cooperation provides a perfect setup to further develop an education model that takes the best parts of both Eastern and Western education and having TinyApp integrated into each phase of the model".

As a next step, TinyApp is organizing teacher training in Jakarta in May. The agreement was facilitated by TinyApp’s business partner Polkuni HK, which has been working with ACE ED Venture group in Indonesia.

For more information, please contact:

Taina Mikkola, CEO of TinyApp / taina@tinyapp.biz / +358405361834

TinyApp (https://tinyapp.biz) is the world’s smartest pedagogical assistant for early education teachers. It supports child-initiated planning and assessment, pedagogical documentation and messaging. For parents, TinyApp offers direct access to their child’s experiences at the kindergarten. TinyApp strengthens the cooperation between teachers and parents by providing a platform for the information that is directly linked with the child’s learning and well-being.

From the right: Iin (Principle of Kidventure Academy), Anne Tham (CEO at ACE Ed-Venture Group), Yulianti (CEO at Kidventure Academy) and Kati Rintakorpi. The children (in right and front) hosted the panel discussions in the launch seremony in Jakarta on the 9th of May.