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TinyApp Finland and ANDEP Colombia sign commercial agreement to assist over 1000 kindergartens

Press release March 16 2021

HelsinkiNYC International Ltd, the creator of education technology solution TinyApp, and ANDEP Colombia have signed a commercial agreement to provide pedagogical early childhood assistance to ANDEP’s 1130 member organisations, capturing approximately 46 000 boys and girls.

The cooperation aims to support ANDEP Colombia in providing its members with a unique, quality tool to excel in early childhood education in various learning settings, including remote, hybrid and onsite presence.

The National Association for Early Childhood Education ANDEP will help raise awareness of the TinyApp solution on a national scale in Colombia with dedicated promotions to its member kindergartens and preschools.

Martha Lucia Valencia de la Roche, President ANDEP Colombia comments: ”The new technologies in education have allowed us to count on tools that help improve the communication among all members of the educational community and facilitates the pedagogical development in our classrooms. It allows continuity and traceability in all our processes. This application will for sure be very useful in our kindergartens to face the challenges that we have been presented with in recent years.”

Carolina Peña, Regional Coordinator, ANDEP Cundinamarca says: It will help us make our pedagogical work much easier, especially in these uncertain times, as it allows us to do all documentation, all the planning and make the work of both teachers and parents much easier.” The collaboration focuses on offering tools for early childhood education to prepare children for the future challenges. Taina Mikkola, Founder and CEO, HelsinkiNYC International says: We are excited to start our closer collaboration with ANDEP Colombia and be able to provide our support to their early childhood education members. Whilst battling the pandemic, educators and parents in Colombia are desperately trying to return to effective kindergarten and preschool activities. Our joint aim is to promote an approach that allows for effective bridging from a fully virtual learning environment to an optional combination of onsite and online.” Mikkola continues: “With emphasis on integral early childhood development, TinyApp solution offers planning, documentation and communication between educators and families in a highly pedagogical way. Our digital tool enables the inclusion of families with merely basic access to mobile internet.”

Feed-back from TinyApp pilots in Colombia hugely positive

The nationwide roll-out of TinyApp benefits ANDEP's members no matter how big or small they are. Also, the digital operation mode reaches operators even in remote areas and offers equal opportunities to use high quality pedagogical framework and methods for the good of the children all around Colombia.

Maria Clemencia Téllez, Director ANDEP Valle del Cauca, Founder Kinder Bam Bam, Cali says: ”For an educational institution, TinyApp has allowed us to adopt its use with ease. We have been able to get closer to the parents with better communications, to be much more flexible and faster in our daily activities, and benefit teachers, parents and children alike."

Sandra Ocampo, Pedagogical Coordinator, Maternal Bam Bam, Cali states: ”I love the way TinyApp respects and supports the different operational models of each kindergarten. The adoption of TinyApp has really strengthened their core in so many ways. As we have experienced, it’s not only about sharing photos, but the systematic creation of the documentation that allows us to operate on a fully pedagogical framework.” Press inquiries: Taina Mikkola, Founder, CEO HelsinkiNYC International Ltd Whatsapp: +358 40 5361834 Martha Lucia Valencia de la Roche National President ANDEP Colombia

Joni AlWindi, Regional Director, HelsinkiNYC International Ltd (TinyApp in Colombia) WhatsApp: +358 458 440044 For more information about how to join as a kindergarten or preschool with special discounts before March 2021, contact Mr. Joni AlWindi (TinyApp in Colombia). More joint events are planned to follow and will be announced on the ANDEP website and TinyApp’s Spanish Facebook page, TinyApp Español.

ABOUT TINYAPP TinyApp is an easy-to-use early childhood education solution from Finland created by HelsinkiNYC International. TinyApp provides educators with a digital toolset for daily activities to execute goal-oriented planning, reporting and monitoring based on the pedagogical framework, as well as to drive interactive collaboration with families. For more information

ABOUT ANDEP COLOMBIA The National Association for Preschools and Early Education ANDEP is a non-profit civil society organisation that represents and defends the interests and rights of its members and, therefore, of the community as a whole. It works for the institutional, professional and personal growth of educational institutions, especially those related to early childhood. For more information

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