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TinyApp heading towards 2021

As we're starting to wrap up this unusual year, it's a good time to reflect on the journey we've had and what's in store next from the TinyApp product standpoint.

These challenging times have strongly indicated the importance of caring, communication, health, and safety. Like all sectors, education providers included, have been looking for efficient remote operation solutions, protection from the data privacy perspective has also been a growing topic of discussion.

We've stuck to our vision during the past year by helping countless organizations worldwide by providing them tools for organizing systematic and goal-oriented early childhood education despite these challenging times. During 2020 we've done a lot to achieve this, but let's next look at three highlights and focus points for the past year.

Highlights of 2020 in TinyApp The communication tools update

The communication and collaborative tools have proven to bring new effective ways for kindergartens and parents to stay informed, share learning activities and moments from kindergartens to homes, and vice versa!

Data security co-operation

Early in 2020, we launched a significant co-operation with a leading cyber and privacy security organization, F-Secure to assess and assist us in providing trustworthy service for early education. Read more about data security and F-Secure co-operation in this blog post!

Features for data-driven organizations

Operating with groups and parents have been improved a lot. We've added ways to set up and deal with changes effectively. Groups, separate units, and the whole organization now have good visibility into various learning activity reports to better understand how to develop operations, improve the planning of group activities, and identify any improvement areas.

Whats next?

The need

By being right there where the early learning magic happens, we've identified some global challenges in the early childhood education sector:

  • High employee turnover makes the daily pedagogical activities challenging to manage and lead

  • Lack of time, leading to less and less time to properly identify the learning needs to plan activities against to fulfill these learning needs

  • Requirements on how to organize early education changing rapidly, making it hard to stay up-to-date with the latest criteria

  • Lack of tools to follow-up the planning and implementation of activities

  • Lack of data about what works and what doesn't

The TinyApp solution

We want to address these challenges with TinyApp, where early childhood educators can rest assured that the education they provide is:

  • Transparently structured

  • Goal-oriented

  • Well organized

Our product vision highlights this as the key focus for TinyApp product development in the upcoming year(s). We drive to provide our users with even more robust data-driven learning activity planning, documentation, and evaluation.

What if by using processes and learning frameworks easily guided by TinyApp, the kindergartens would automatically have the information they need to trust that the day-to-day activities are meaningful and efficiently managed - also meeting the set goals for learning activities?

I'm confident that we would dramatically ease the lives of early education teachers and managers. By having these processes in place, it's the children in the end who will benefit the most.

Toni Mustonen

Head of Product development

Data Protection Officer

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