TinyApp is blogging again!


It has been a while since the last TinyApp blog post. We have different kinds of posts coming soon for you dear blog reader.

But firstly let´s start this blogging journey with the most important part, and that is, of course, getting to know TinyApp. In this blog post, we will be answering what TinyApp is and how does it help you as a teacher or as a guardian in your daily life.

TinyApp is a pedagogical tool to assists teachers on their pedagogical documentation and planning. Pedagogical documentation is seen as an essential operating model from the perspective of planning, implementing, evaluating and developing early childhood education. It helps to produce meaningful information about children's lives, development, thinking and learning to support their development. (National curriculum for early childhood education, 2018.)

Pedagogical planning and documentation are essential for the child's development. Through pedagogical documentation, the teacher can support the child's needs and support his/her growth in a holistic manner. The teacher can also easily document on TinyApp application. The teacher can put information about the child's learning of the day through the TinyApp application for the guardians to see.

For the child's guardian TinyApp is a source to see how the child develops and grows. TinyApp helps also for the guardian to see what the child has been learning during the day.

This is only a little snippet of how TinyApp can help your work as a professional but also connect the teacher and the guardians.

For more information, you are more than welcome to contact us through our email: hello@tinyapp.biz

See you next week,