TinyApp Makes Daily Pedagogy Visible with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

PRESS RELEASE, 20 June 2017

A Finnish startup TinyApp makes child’s learning and experiences visible with the pedagogical documentation tool. TinyApp is created in cooperation with kindergartens and teachers in Finland.

TinyApp is a pedagogical documentation tool to make child’s learning and development visible during the early years education. TinyApp gives tools for teachers to meet children’s individual needs and to support their lifelong learning to gain 21st century skills. With the help of the artificial intelligence TinyApp facilitates personalized pedagogical documentation. TinyApp AI Peer Teacher learns from users and suggests child’s development paths for teachers and parents.

“TinyApp does not only solve existing everyday challenges but creates new opportunities in the kindergarten. The solution facilitates teacher’s pedagogical documentation process and supports learning through play. With the artificial intelligence TinyApp turns into an invisible peer teacher to improve the early years pedagogy together with the teacher for the benefit of children,” says Taina Mikkola, CEO of TinyApp.

TinyApp is created in close cooperation with Finnish kindergartens and early education professionals. Finland’s education system is famous worldwide. Finnish early years education is research based and it supports children’s natural growth and development. Learning through play is essential.

TinyApp showcases the pedagogical solution at the EdTechXEurope 2017 Summit in London. xEdu Demo Day will take place on Wednesday 21 June at 1.30-3.30 p.m.

xEdu is the first Nordic accelerator that works with startups creating transformative learning solutions in the education sector. TinyApp is the graduate of xEdu’s Autumn16 Program.

For more information, please contact:

Taina Mikkola, CEO


+358 40 536 1834