TinyApp Takes Finnish Early Education Services to Global Markets

Press release November 7, 2017

TinyApp, a Finnish startup company specializing in mobile early childhood education services, attracts a interest of educators and investors in Finland and worldwide. Developing communication application to support children’s learning TinyApp completed a €160,000 financial round of seed capital including angel investors from three countries.

Helsinki based TinyApp offers an easy and secured mobile application to strengthen the communication between teachers and parents. TinyApp makes child’s learning path and teacher’s pedagogical expertise visible. Confidential and daily communication also supports the prevention of exclusion of children.

In addition to Finland, the solution developed since 2016 has attracted interest in Singapore and Hong Kong day care centers as well as in the Middle East. To speed up the development and commercialization of the service, a number of angel investors from Finland, Sweden and Saudi Arabia have invested in TinyApp. TinyApp raised seed funding of €160,000 in record time and the round was oversubscribed. In addition to the company’s current investors Tapio Äijälä from 2 Sides Consulting Oy and Terhi Vapola from VV Holding Oy, new investors are Pasi Joronen from Polkuni Oy, Swedish investment company Vitgrund and private investors Kristiina Hautakangas, Arto Kiema, Olavi Mertanen, Yrjänä Raitanen and Rayyan Alaql from Saudi Arabia.

“TinyApp is an important service for all educators to support children’s learning path,” says Pasi Joronen from Polkuni Oy and continues: “I have followed TinyApp since last autumn when they participated in the xEdu Accelerator Program in Helsinki. There is a huge demand of services focused on learning and prevention of exclusion of children worldwide.”

“TinyApp offers new technology in an easy way to support teachers and parents in their parenting cooperation. We develop TinyApp in cooperation with Finnish early childhood educators. Finland has a strong reputation and expertise in the field of education. TinyApp method follows the framework of the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education. It supports parents’ involvement and children’s success in lifelong learning path,” says Taina Mikkola, founder and CEO of TinyApp, and continues: “Our vision is to be the companion of a million educators first in Finland and the Southeast Asia and later in the Middle East. With the support of investors we are taking first international steps.”


For more information, please contact:

Taina Mikkola, CEO

HelsinkiNYC International Oy

+358 40 536 1834