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TinyApp: The Finnish Solution for Early Education, Adaptable to MEN Colombia Guidelines

TinyApp is an education technology tool designed by Finnish educators and the educational community that prioritizes children as the focal point of educational processes while recognizing the significance of administrative and teaching roles in delivering high-quality education.

Since its introduction in Colombia, it has proven to be an open platform adaptable to the unique features of early education institutions or preschools, taking into account their specific pedagogical models and aligning with the latest and current pedagogical and legal guidelines from the Ministry of Early Education for the comprehensive care of our children. This includes creating templates that allow exploration of aspects such as health, nutrition, protection, parenting practices, and pedagogical aspects.

Those who have embraced TinyApp in Colombia and other countries have embarked on a beautiful journey of expectations, participation, learning, and reflection on their processes around planning, pedagogical documentation, personalized information for each child, and qualitative assessment of development and education. This is because TinyApp facilitates pedagogical discussion between teachers and managers.

Both teachers and coordinators have expressed their satisfaction and motivation with TinyApp's ability to consolidate information and access it in real time from mobile devices, tablets, or computers. Here are some testimonials:

"This part is super interesting (referring to the content suggested in the personalized health template) because one can expand the child's knowledge in that dialogue with the parents" (Teacher, Colombia).
"Having the information instantly, without having to worry about going to the institution to look for a notebook, observer, or a child's diary if one is at home and needs the information." (Teacher, Colombia)
"Immediately, my daily documentation tasks became more serene. The platform allowed me to easily record each child's activities, capturing their interests, achievements, and challenges in a structured and organized way. Whether it was Sofia's latest painting or the group project on planting seeds, I could document everything effortlessly in TinyApp." (Teacher, Finland)
"The communication with the parents also improved drastically. The App lets Parents and guardians see their children's daily activities, progress, and achievements. This opened a conversation channel between us, helping them feel more involved in their children's learning journey" (Teacher, Finland).
"I found myself lost while trying to keep up with my child's development in preschool. Maintaining clear and constant communication with the teacher was a challenge, and I often felt missing out on crucial moments of my child's day. However, everything changed when the school introduced us to TinyApp" (Parent, Finland).
"…The third crucial feature of TinyApp was its feedback system. Teacher development was no longer one-sided; TinyApp turned it into a collaborative journey. It provided practical feedback supported by data and concrete examples, allowing me to engage with our educators more personally and productively. We could celebrate their achievements, discuss their challenges, and plot a path for their professional growth" (Manager, Finland).

In this regard, we confirm that by adopting this valuable tool in your institution and as a managerial leader, TinyApp will enable you to:

  • Manage, track, and provide timely feedback to institutional pedagogical dynamics and communication channels, as everything is found in one place, thereby saving time and improving efficiency through the metrics and graphics generated by the App.

  • Deploy a collaborative environment for the development and qualification of your teachers from concrete data and examples, identifying achievements, challenges, and paths for continuous improvement. Thus, by reducing the administrative burden, TinyApp allows you to focus more on strategic decisions and intersectoral action plans.

It has an easy-to-use interface that encourages open and constant communication between parents and the educational community and tracking and feedback on the pedagogical proposals of your human talent. Continuous improvement in communication between parents and the educational community makes it easier to keep parents informed about their children's daily activities, progress, and achievements and timely problem-solving.

In conclusion, TinyApp revolutionizes your role as an early education manager, making complex tasks manageable and providing easy access to valuable insights for educational quality in more productive and harmonious educational environments.

TinyApp is much more than a technological tool!

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