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PRESS RELEASE, 22 August 2017

TinyApp to Pilot in International Kindergartens in Autumn

TinyApp enables equal learning for each child by empowering educators with technology. With TinyApp teachers can document pedagogical activities and involve parents into the child’s learning and development process while following the framework of Finnish early education curriculum. The aim is to make child’s learning visible.

”We have started the cooperation with Polkuni HK to export in Southeast Asian market. We have also agreed pilots in the Fun Academy kindergartens. TinyApp has been developed in Finland in cooperation with early childhood education professionals. Together with our experienced partners and a great team, we are now ready to expand beyond Finland’s borders", announces Taina Mikkola, CEO of TinyApp.

TinyApp is the graduate of xEdu Education Business Accelerator that works with startups creating transformative learning solutions in Helsinki. Helsinki City invited TinyApp team to present Finnish education sector innovations in the “Helsinki – Designing Better Life” program in Singapore in September, at the same time with Singapore Slush.

For more information, please contact:

Taina Mikkola, CEO


+358 40 536 1834