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Child's pedagogical profile

to monitor objectives, special needs, development, and participation

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Child's individual education plan

to record and follow up child's learning needs together with the parents and the child

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Group learning goals plan

and assessment tool for planning and follow up of meaningful learning of the 21st Century skills for a child group

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Follow-up of
21st Century skills

to see how learning future skills are is implemented in your learning activities

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Documentation & messaging

to keep yourself, your team and parents informed and up-to-date

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Activity reports in three levels

child, group, unit, and organizational levels to continuously monitor how the 21st Century skills are integrated into your operations

Learn more about how you can use these functions in your daily operations

Systematically collect children interests and learning needs as a basis for learning activities

TinyApp Learning Garden is a pdf template to discuss and record children’s interests and needs as a basis for a curriculum and activity planning. Learning Garden can be filled in together with children at the kindergarten or be given to parents to fill in at home. If the child does not know how to write, they can draw, or you can type the answers to the template. Most importantly, you need to listen to what the child has to say. Children’s interests can be discussed with the child group and used to identify together which themes could be interesting for project work etc. Learning Garden information is included in the child’s pedagogical profile in TinyApp. The child group’s interests and needs are summarized in TinyApp and are easily accessible when, for example, planning activities.


Document daily activities and children's learning moments

With TinyApp you are able to capture learning moments from play and project work on the spot. Documenting the learning of children is made clear and simple during the activities.  You can take photos, videos and voice records for yourself, children and parents about how the children interact with their activities and what kind of learning happens in this interaction. You can also ask children to document things they want. This provides you valuable insights on how the children see their surroundings and what they see important. Photos, videos, and voice records are stored in TinyApp to be available for further use (e.g. for reflection and review together with the children and/or parents). We encourage children’s engagement in the documentation process and promote children’s information and communication technologies skills in a safe environment. 

Easily support each child's learning and development

With TinyApp you can easily prepare and follow up an individual education plan (IEP) for each child. A ready-made template guides you in setting the objectives for a child’s pedagogical activities together with the child and parents. You can also write down matters that relate to a child’s development and learning. You can engage parents in the process by giving them the opportunity to comment on the child’s IEP in TinyApp. 


Plan and evaluate phenomenon and project-based activities to support the 21st Century Skills

TinyApp planning process supports and enables phenomenon and project-based planning, evaluation, and follow-up with Group Learning Goals planning-tool. You are able to link 21st Century Skills in planning learning activities and describe what and how those will be practiced in the activity. The planning template supports you with questions that guide you to consider different aspects of the activity being planned and to ensure the quality of the plan. You can also utilize the child’s profile information in planning the projects.

TinyApp supports activity-based evaluation where the focus is on the activities carried out with the children. You can use the activity-based evaluation as a reflection too. You can reflect on what was learnt, what went well, what needs to be done differently next time and how well the learning objectives set in the plan were achieved. You can involve children in the evaluation process too, and listen and record how children interpret the activity and their learning process. 

Communicate and collaborate with parents

TinyApp provides you a secure and easy way for daily communication and collaboration with parents. You can share the daily activities of a child with photos, videos, and voice recordings with the parents. You can also provide the parents with access to the child’s individual education plan. With TinyApp you provide parents access to early education pedagogy and children’s learning. 

Gain data to develop your operations

With TinyApp, you can collect data of your operations and reflect it with children, parents, and colleagues. TinyApp provides you real-time access to accumulated data of how the 21st Century Skills frame is implemented in practice. This supports you in leading the pedagogy, supporting your staff, and assessing and developing pedagogical quality in the kindergarten. When learning becomes visible, you have tools to communicate and discuss the objectives and results to parents and staff with the data reference.

Operate daily with 21st Century Skills

21st Century skills are a set of skills that are globally defined as the core competencies that children need to succeed in today’s world and in the future. Skills like numeracy, literacy, etc. have been the foundation of traditional education. These skills are always important and serve as the basis for learning more advanced and equally important competencies and character qualities, the 21st Century Skills. (World Economic Forum 2015).

With TinyApp, you are  able to include these 21st Century skills into your daily learning activities and practices. As an educator and kindergarten operator, your job is to support children’s learning and well-being. In TinyApp, the 21st Century Skills are integrated with all the key tools like planning, documentation and parent communication. You can easily plan, record and share how these skills are part of your daily operations. You can monitor the delivery of the 21st Century skills learning in all activities through TinyApp reporting. You can also follow up the distribution of these skills, and see if some of the skills are not given adequate coverage.  


We give the tools to run a successful and pedagogically sound service

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