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The learning plan
The dream sport day



Inspire the whole family to participate in sports activities


Methods & activities

What will you do? What kind of activities will be used?

Let’s create a sports game / track for families (indoors/outdoors), who pick up their children. Families proceed from one activity stand to another.

  • Long jump. No measuring by meters, but place animal pictures to mark the lenght of the jump. “You can jump as long as a tiger.” Or “You jump as far as the rabbit.” 

  • Use a large piece of cloth and cut out different shapes and different sized holes to the cloth. Spread/hang the cloth to suitable poles and make it a target for throwing things through the cut out holes. You can use different items (soft balls of toys, lighter or heavier etc.) as throwing objects. 

  • A spider’s web, where you need to bypass the web without breaking/touching it.

  • Use floorball or children’s hockey sticks and soft ball - guide the ball through a track with curves / obstacles.

  • Soap bubbles: one blows out bubbles, while others try to break as many as possible before they fall. 

  • Bowling with water balloons. Resources: water balloons, bowling pins and a watered tarp to cover the track.

  • Hobby horse track with suitable hurdles.

At the end of the trick track, offer juice and biscuits to celebrate the accomplishments. (maybe you can bake the biscuits with children).

Resources & materials

What are the resources needed to carry out the plan?

  • Animal cards

  • A cloth with cut out holes and throwing balls

  • Yarn to make the spider web

  • Floorball or hockey sticks, balls and the goal

  • Soap bubble water and the toys

  • Water balloons, bowling pins and a tarp

  • Hobby horses + hurdles

  • Juice and biscuits

 Skills & competences

Critical Thinking _ Problem Solving.png

Critical thingking & problem solving

If you bake the biscuits, you get mathematical thinking skills involved as you measure the amounts of ingredients



Riding the hobby horse



The track and assignments are possible to create in co operation with the children. This allows / supports stronger agency of the children.



Exercise, physical motion and healthy lifestyle. Outdoor activities, go out of breath.

Multiliteracy and ICT.png

Multiliteracy & ICT

Document activities (photos, videos, voice recording)

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