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Support for youngest children learning during the pandemic

Plan and share learning activities with TinyApp while children stay at home.

TinyApp, in co-operation with Sisu Akatemia, offers you free access to prepare home learning plans and to a set of activities to support learning at home during the coronavirus outbreak.


You, as a teacher, play an essential role in the youngest learners’ learning path. Your task is even more crucial these days when learning is transferred homes. We are here to support your work as a teacher with young children studying at home. 


Share with parents what you have already done. Engage parents and children to continue activities at home. Support distance learning with the regular plan and set of activities.

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Free set of activities to support learning at home during the coronavirus outbreak

Plan home learning and check out how to link Fun Academy materials to your learning plans.


Fun Academy Astronaut Program consists of four main activities: mind, body, mission, and team. Following mind and body activities can be repeated every day. Ideally, use them as a start for the day. 

Calm your mind and body

This exercise removes tension through proper breathing and presence. Practice brings more energy to the child as well as the adult. This is great activity to share with parents, too.

Keep your ears open

This exercise strengthens the child's concentration and awareness skills. Exercise gives the brain the training they need.

Sisu Academy materials support you, especially when planning activities for smaller children.


The activity tips are linked to the competences and skills of the Finnish early childhood education curriculum, so you can make yourself and your parents familiar.

Paint to music

This exercise strengthens the child's relationship to music and visual arts. The child can express himself creatively and diversely.

Puppet theatre

In this exercise, the child develops his or her expression and engages in creativity.

In the coming weeks, you will find hints and tips from our TinyApp website that you may wish to use with the child for home assignment. If you want to make the most of the material, you can find the complete set on TinyApp, which you can also use as a planning tool for distance learning.

TinyApp Benefits

Benefits for teachers

Support child's learning and well-being


Document and share daily pedagogy


Strenghten parents' engagement


Strenghten own professional competencies

Benefits for managers

Lead the pedagogy


Access relevant pedagogical data


Evaluate and develop early education practices


See how planned activities align with the curriculum

Benefits for parents

Make child's voice visible


Strenghten child's self-confidence


Increase joy of learning and well-being


Communicate easily with teachers

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