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TinyApp subscription includes teacher training, parent webinar, and a resource bank with learning activities for you to stay in touch with children & families during covid-19 lockdown


What you get

Benefits for Teachers

Support child's learning and well-being


Document and share daily pedagogy


Strengthen parents' engagement


Strengthen own professional competencies

Benefits for Managers

Lead the pedagogy

Access relevant pedagogical data


Evaluate and develop early education practices


See how planned activities align with the curriculum

Benefits for Parents & Children

Make child's voice visible


Strengthen child's self-confidence


Increase joy of learning and well-being


Communicate easily with teachers


Jenni Kosonen,

early childhood education teacher,

Parikkala, Finland

The planning tool is excellent. I have learned how to use it this semester. I prepare all project and theme plans with the planning tool. I first prepare the plan, and then we go it through with colleagues. I can always check the theme plan when preparing the weekly plans. TinyApp aggregates group information. It is excellent that I can see the statistics regarding what we have done in the group.


Outi Silander,

Head of Early Childhood Education,

Virolahti, Finland

Now we have an opportunity for the pedagogical evaluation when TinyApp shows what we have done. What is excellent in TinyApp, is that we can share photos, videos, stories, and newsletters shared with parents. Now all parents have equal opportunities to see their child’s early education. When parents have seen what kinds of activities their child has been involved in, it has increased the respect of our work and staff.

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