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My kindergarten has more than 100 students! What do I do?
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TinyApp 20
49€ / month

TinyApp's Mini Plan: Perfect for Small Schools, 1-19 Students.

TinyApp 50
109€ / month

TinyApp's Basic Plan: Ideal for Growing Schools, 20-49 Students.

TinyApp 100
219€ / month

TinyApp's Plus Plan: Tailored for Larger Schools, 50-99 Students.


See how TinyApp works!

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You get all the tools to deliver quality pedagogy in early childhood education

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_Benefits - Teachers.png

Educator skills development program

TinyApp supports on-the-job skills development and offers regular training of the digital and pedagogical learning processes

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_Courses - Pedagogical documentation.png

Child's pedagogical profile

to monitor objectives, special needs, development, and participation

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_2. Get Teachers Started.png

Child’s individual education plan & group learning goals plan

and assessment tool for planning and follow up of meaningful learning of the 21st Century skills for a child group

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_Courses - Remote learning.png

Follow-up of
21st Century skills

to see how learning future skills are is implemented in your learning activities

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_Benefits - Families.png

Documentation & messaging

to keep yourself, your team and parents informed and up-to-date

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_Benefits - Kindergarten Managers.png

Activity reports in three levels

child, group, unit, and organizational levels to continuously monitor how the 21st Century skills are integrated into your operations

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