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Individual Support in Early Childhood Education – Building Bridges to a Child's Future

Every child participating in early childhood education is an individual with their own path and potential. Whether it's about general, enhanced, or special support, every child deserves assistance that meets their needs and strengthens their unique characteristics.

We know that timely and tailored support is a critical factor for a child's development, learning, and well-being. But what kind of support is this? It is a support that focuses on a child's strengths and individual needs, which builds a bridge between the child's present and future.

It is essential that support is provided flexibly and without delay, and it is not solely tied to a medical diagnosis or other official statements. Whether it's about pedagogical, structural, or care support, the child and their needs are always at the center.

In this context, the importance of digital tools like TinyApp, is emphasized. TinyApp-vasu enables educators to choose and flexibly modify forms of individual support. It not only makes the work of educators easier but also creates transparency between parents and educators. This cooperation is vital to supporting a child's growth and development.

Now is the time to take the next step in early childhood education. It is time to commit more strongly than ever to providing the best possible support for every child and ensuring they can realize their full potential. Contact us at to learn more.

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