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PedaTalk joins TinyApp - Inspiring moments for both children and professionals

Is the beginning of a new semester raising a lot of questions after exceptional circumstances? Have you considered the possibilities or challenges of grouping, for example? Perhaps you have pondered strength pedagogy or something else that supports children's learning and growth?

We are excited in the TinyApp team that we'll soon be answering those common questions with the PedaTalk podcast duo, Martina Hamberg and Tiia Hongisto.

"We are looking forward to sharing the good news of early childhood education through TinyApp." Martina and Tiia comment on our starting collaboration.

Martina and Tiia are both professionals in early childhood education and want to share the importance of pedagogy in our society more broadly. Current topics in the field of early childhood education will be discussed from the perspective of recent scientific research, taking into account also practical and daily work in the kindergartens.

Together with PedaTalk, we produce content for one broader topic at a time. There will be something to listen to, something to share with children, and lots of inspiration. Monthly updated content will be always available to our users through the TinyApp dashboard.

While waiting for this, it is a good idea to put the headphones on your ears, choose a suitable topic from the list, and allow PedaTalk to inspire (in Finnish only, for now). Listen to the podcast here.

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