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A Giant Leap in Early Childhood Education

For educators, it's a simple step; for early childhood education, it's a transformative leap. TinyApp presents a suite of tools designed for early childhood education professionals dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences for every child.


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Facilitate the learning of small children
with the help of digital TinyApp tools




of parents are reading TinyApp

messages daily or weekly

of teachers say that TinyApp helps to document child's daily learning

of parents say TinyApp helps in cooperation with  kindergarten

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Find out how you can focus on pedagogy and use easy & simple tools to deliver learning every day!

TinyApp offers all you need to know to deliver quality
education in kindergartens, daycare and preschool

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Benefits for educators

  • Save time through systematic, efficient & transparent processes for daily pedagogical work

  • Use real-time data to plan, develop and assess pedagogical activities

  • Communicate with families easily with data-secure app

  • Develop your professional skills in early education pedagogy

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Benefits for managers

  • Increase your organization’s skills in early education pedagogy

  • Lead systematic, efficient & transparent processes for daily pedagogy and continuous learning

  • Use the digital archive for all pedagogical information, learning plans and documents of your kindergarten

  • Access the pedagogical excellence and processes in the kindergarten through automated analytics & reports

TinyApp - for the success of teaching and learning

TinyApp serves more than 12000 happy users around the world. 

TinyApp is made to support educators in their pedagogical work. Educators can work towards the objectives of the early childhood education curriculum and follow-up the progress. Easier and more effective  than ever before through our easy-to-use digital platform and tools. TinyApp helps professionals in early childhood education to offer a variety of goal-oriented activities to support learning. With TinyApp child-initiated learning plans and  activities are easy to carry out and document to match local curriculum and selected objectives.

TinyApp messages have successfully involved parents
in the day-to-day life of the kindergarten.
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Timberly Williams

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Jenni Kosonen

Kindergarten Teacher

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Getting started is easier than you would think - just 3 easy steps!

Order online and set-up your TinyApp in minutes. You are ready to start in no time. Experience the easy tools to plan, execute and follow-up the progress of your early childhood education goals.

The easiest way to get TinyApp is to place an order directly at online store.

Just choose the right size package and get started within 24 hours.

First, open your account and only then download the app from the app store.

Do you want to see a demo of TinyApp digital service before making a purchase?

Thanks for the request! We'll contact you shortly.


You get all the tools to deliver quality pedagogy in early childhood education

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Educator skills development program

TinyApp supports on-the-job skills development and offers regular training of the digital and pedagogical learning processes

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Child's pedagogical profile

to monitor objectives, special needs, development, and participation

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Child’s individual education plan & group learning goals plan

and assessment tool for planning and follow up of meaningful learning of the 21st Century skills for a child group

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_Courses - Remote learning.png

Follow-up of
21st Century skills

to see how learning future skills are is implemented in your learning activities

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_Benefits - Families.png

Documentation & messaging

to keep yourself, your team and parents informed and up-to-date

TinyApp_Ikonit_orans_Benefits - Kindergarten Managers.png

Activity reports in three levels

child, group, unit, and organizational levels to continuously monitor how the 21st Century skills are integrated into your operations


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